[WooCommerce] How is Autoship Cloud different from WC Autoship?

There are many similarities between the WC Autoship and Autoship Cloud powered by QPilot plugin However, there are several key differences, benefits, and new features to consider when deciding if Autoship Cloud will work for your WooCommerce store that is currently running WC Autoship.

See below for a summary of these differences and additional resources.

Key Differences & Benefits

Customer experience


  • Shipping rates are setup exclusively for Autoship so that shipping rates are automatically applied only to Autoship orders (customers do not select shipping rates for Autoship Orders) -- these are similar to Table Rates and can be imported via CSV if you have a large set of rules. 
  • Learn more here: How Shipping Rates Work
  • You can also ship Scheduled Orders through our USPS or ShipperHQ integration. 


  • Like shipping rates, coupons are setup exclusively for Autoship so they automatically apply only to Autoship orders  -- this means you can offer coupons at checkout that will not override discounts offered to Autoship customers on future orders. 
  • Learn more here: Autoship Cloud Coupons



  • Very similar, except with Autoship Cloud you are able to use the most popular WooCommerce payment plugins that integrate Authorize.net CIM, Braintree, PayPal Checkout (now with smart buttons), Stripe, and more. 
  • Upgrading stores should review our payments documentation to make sure you are moving on to the WooCommerce Payment Plugins that work with Autoship Cloud.
  • Learn more about Payment Integrations here.


  • With access to over 5 comprehensive reports in addition to your QPilot dashboard, you can predict inventory needs, analyze customer behavior, monitor Scheduled Order performance, and more. 
  • Learn more here: Introduction to Report

Marketing Tools

Want to learn more about Autoship Cloud? See here!

What's Next? 

Check out our doc Upgrading from WC Autoship to Autoship Cloud for the best next steps and more details. 

  • This doc outlines how to upgrade, migrate your orders, and how to get Autoship Cloud launched!
  • You can also refer to our Install and Launch Guide and support docs for more information.
Want To Learn More?

You can learn more about the  Autoship Cloud powered by QPilot plugin in the following docs: