[WooCommerce] QPilot Account

What is QPilot?

QPilot ( https://QPilot.cloud) is the hosted service and team that powers the Autoship Cloud plugin for WooCommerce.  

Connecting an online store to QPilot enables merchants to scheduled orders & repeat deliveries at future dates for all of the products and SKUs that they already sell online.

How does Autoship Cloud work with QPilot?

The Autoship Cloud powered by QPilot plugin makes it easy to connect your WooCommerce store to QPilot and adds many features, options & templates to your online store to help you launch an Autoship program that looks professional and works seamlessly with the way you already sell one-time purchases.

QPilot Merchant Account

To integrate Autoship Cloud with QPilot, you will need to register a QPilot Merchant Account

Once your WooCommerce store is connected to your QPilot Merchant Account, you will be able to start creating and processing Scheduled Orders. 

The best way to get started is by following our Install & Launch Guide that provides step-by-step instructions to help WooCommerce store owners successfully test & launch your Autoship program.

A QPilot Merchant Account is required to:

  • Successfully setup and test Autoship Cloud
  • Setup and change settings for your connected WooCommerce Site
  • Connect additional 3rd party apps & integrations
    • via the QPilot Zapier app
    • or by using the QPilot API

When Should I Create a QPilot Merchant Account?

After installing the Autoship Cloud powered by QPilot plugin (available to download for free at WordPress.org), you'll find a notice within your WordPress Admin ( WP-Admin  > Autoship Cloud > Settings )  tab prompting you to register a QPilot account and connect your WooCommerce store. 

This connection integrates your WooCommerce store with your QPilot Merchant Account and enables you to test the full functionality of creating Scheduled Orders!

How To Activate Your QPilot Merchant Account

Learn more here: Activating Your QPilot Merchant Account

Features That Can Only Be Accessed in QPilot

Many reports, features and integration settings are accessible through the WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud menu. However, some settings are considered too risky to expose in the WP-Admin and are managed only within the QPilot Merchant Account.  These include (API Keys, Scheduled Order Processing Settings, Email Notification Settings, and more).

You can find these site-specific settings by logging into your QPilot Merchant Account, locating your connected Site and selecting "Edit" from the menu button (3 dots in the upper-right corner of each site). See more details of these in QPilot Settings and Options.

QPilot Subscription Plans 

What's included in all QPilot Subscriptions?

  • No-Risk 14-Day Free Trial
  • Full Online Support
  • Multiple Test Sites with Test/Sandbox Payments

The following are the current Subscription Plans offered by QPilot, the hosted service that powers the free Autoship Cloud plugin. You manage your subscription plan by signing into your QPilot Merchant Center > My Account >> Subscription

To learn more about how QPilot Billing and Subscriptions work, see here Subscription Billing and Management