[WooCommerce] USPS Shipping Carrier Integration

Connect your  USPS WebTools account with Autoship Cloud's hosted service, QPilot to apply carrier rates to Scheduled Orders.

Step 1: Add a Post Code to your QPilot Site

  1. Login to https://merchants.QPilot.cloud
  2. From the Sites page, edit the site you want to localize by clicking on the site card menu > edit
  3. Set your site's base location in the "Options" tab
  4. Set your site's Zip Code

Step 2: Add the USPS integration for your site

  1. From the Sites page, select your site to view your Site Dashboard and then select "Shipping Integrations" from the menu
  2. Create a new Shipping Integration (click the "+" icon) and select "USPS"
  3. Enter your USPS UserId - this is UserId for your USPS WebTools account:
    1. If this is a "test" account, enable the "Test Mode" checkbox
    2. Select "Create" to finish

Step 3: Create Shipping Rates for USPS

  1. Visit Shipping Rates to add a new Shipping Rate (select the blue "+" icon)
  2. For Shipping Type, select "USPS"
  3. For Enabled Shipping Methods, select the USPS Shipping Method(s) you would like to apply for this Shipping Rate
  4. Set any other shipping conditions you would like to use to match this Shipping Rate to Scheduled Orders

You can learn more details about Autoship Cloud Shipping Rates here.

Other Requirements:

  • Products must have dimensions and weight.  These properties are set in WooCommerce Products and synchronized to Autoship Cloud.
  • Like other shipping rates, the lowest/cheapest shipping rate that a Scheduled Order qualifies for will be applied automatically
  • When applying multiple USPS Shipping Methods within a single shipping rates, QPilot will automatically validate all of the potential rates and apply the lowest cost rate to the Scheduled Order.