Payment Integrations

There are a lot of possible configurations for payments and payment integrations with Autoship Cloud.  The most popular payment gateways in WooCommerce: Stripe, Authorize.Net CIM, PayPal Express Checkout, Braintree and NMI are pre-configured to work with Autoship Cloud, but do need to be setup and tested.

One unique ability of integration with Autoship Cloud is that payment gateways integrate via WooCommerce checkout or directly between Autoship Cloud and your payment gateway!

Note: some customers & developers do not require payments for the creation of Scheduled Orders – instead handling payments via 3rd party fulfillment and/or invoicing workflow.  If this is something you are interested in for your marketing please contact us and we can help you configure payments directly!

Setting up and testing Payments

  1. To test this feature, you must first connect and register your test or staging site with your online Merchant Site by setting up the Autoship Cloud plugin.
  2. Login to your site's Wordpress Admin
  3. Find the "Autoship" section in the Wordpress Admin menu
  4. Select “Payment Integrations”
  5. Click the add button (displayed as “ + “ )
  6. Select your Payment Gateway
  7. Complete a setup for your payment gateway (see sections below before completing the next steps in this list)
    1. Stripe
    2. Authorize.Net CIM
    3. PayPal Checkout (formerly Paypal Express Checkout)
    4. Braintree
    5. NMI
    6. Paya (formerly Sage Payments)
    7. TrustCommerce
    8. Square Payments
  8. After setting up your payment gateway, visit your WooCommerce store as a customer and complete a checkout with 1 or more products scheduled for a future order.
  9. Visit the “Scheduled Orders” page within My Account to confirm that the payment method used at checkout is displayed on each Scheduled Order

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