Connecting Autoship Cloud to QPilot

Connecting Autoship Cloud to QPilot 

The Autoship Cloud plugin is powered by the web service.  

QPilot is the Scheduled Commerce Engine™ that hosts and runs all of the automated processes used to create and manage scheduled orders for your Autoship business.

In other words, your WordPress site and hosting only need to manage what they're best at - the experience of Autoship.  All of the "heavy lifting" of scheduling and automating Autoship orders is managed by our engine - QPilot.

To learn more about QPilot see here: What Is QPilot

How does Autoship Cloud work with QPilot?

The Autoship Cloud plugin installs pages and settings on your site to do the following:

  1. Provide settings to quickly connect your store's WooCommerce API to the QPilot web service
  2. Install pages in your Wordpress Admin that help you setup and manage Autoship Cloud features entirely within Wordpress
  3. Add templates to your WooCommerce store so you can quickly start converting shoppers and customers into Autoship Customers!

Connecting your WooCommerce store's API to QPilot does the following:

  1. Enables a 2-way synchronization of data between your store and QPilot
  2. Enables Autoship scheduled orders to be created and updated by WooCommerce Checkouts, managing orders within My Account, and by Wordpress Admins within WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Scheduled Orders
  3. Enables the QPilot team to deliver Autoship Cloud software as a service to your business and continually improve our engine to make sure your Autoship orders and customers run smoothly

When do I create a QPilot account?

After installing the Autoship Cloud plugin, you'll find a notice within the Wordpress Admin > Autoship tab prompting you to register a QPilot account and connect your WooCommerce store.

This connection integrates your WooCommerce store to the QPilot web service enabling your store to run Autoship in the Cloud!

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