Editing Scheduled Orders

Wordpress admins can edit scheduled orders by logging into the Wordpress Admin > Autoship Cloud > Scheduled Orders

Clicking on the "✎" edit icon next to the Scheduled Order you want to edit will expand the scheduled order into a view that enables the entire scheduled order to be managed.

Common reasons to edit a Scheduled Order as an administrator include:

  • Updating customer address information
  • Rescheduling the next occurrence date for the scheduled order
  • Changing the products within a scheduled order
  • Updating payment information on a scheduled order

Updating customer address information

By default, scheduled orders will prefill the address fields of the scheduled order using the Shipping Address saved with the WooCommerce Customer.  

Note: WooCommerce enables one address to be saved per customer.

As an administrator, you can edit the address fields of the Scheduled Order for your customer directly changing each field that was prefilled by WooCommerce.

Changing the address is unique to the Scheduled Order you are editing and will not change or update their WooCommerce Shipping Address or other Scheduled Orders.

Rescheduling the next occurrence date

By default, scheduled orders will calculate their next occurrence date by applying the frequency type (for example: weekly or monthly) to a) the current date if the frequency is being updated or b) the updated next occurrence date

In the following screenshot, the administrator is editing the Scheduled Order to change the frequency from Monthly to Weekly and the next occurrence date:

Updating products

Administrators can add/remove any product to a customer's Scheduled Order.  In addition to the ability to add/remove products, other settings can be changed per product that are unique to the Scheduled Order you are editing including:

  • Quantity
  • Price (WooCommerce Regular Price)
  • Sale Price (Recurring Price)
  • Cycles
  • Min Cycles
  • Max Cycles

For example: if you wish to change the price for a product on a Scheduled Order for the next order only (1 cycle), you can edit the Sale Price and the Min/Max cycle settings as demonstrated in the screenshot below:

This example demonstrates offering a different sale price for the same product one time only when their first Scheduled Order processes.  The first time the Scheduled Order processes, the Scheduled Order will have 1 Cycle, the product will be sold at $19.00 and then removed from the Scheduled Order because it will have achieved the Maximum Cycle of 1.  The same product will be added at the normal Sale Price of $24.61 moving forward because it will have achieved its Minimum Cycle of 1.

Updating payment details

Administrators can change payment and billing details on Scheduled Orders.  Before adding payment details to a scheduled order, ensure that you have already successfully setup an integration for your payment gateway within WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Payment Integrations.

Note: You can learn more about Payments and supported Payment Gateways here.

Adding a payment method to a Scheduled Order as an administrator:
  1. Within WP-Admin Edit the Scheduled Order you wish to update payment information on and locate the "Payment Details" section
    1. You may load a Stripe, Braintree, or Authorize.net Payment Method directly from your gateway; select the tab "Load Method from Gateway"
    2. To create a new payment method, select "Create New" from the "Payment Method" dropdown (after, required billing fields will display)
    3. On the "Payment Method Type" dropdown, select the Payment Gateway that you have setup for Autoship Cloud (you can confirm this within WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Payment Integrations)
  2. In a separate browser or tab, login to your Payment Gateway
    1. Locate the profile of the customer you are adding a payment for within your Payment Gateway account
    2. Copy the following required payment fields into the Scheduled Order you are editing:
      1. Gateway Customer ID
      2. Gateway Payment ID
    3. Enter a Payment Method Description
      1. For example "Visa ending in 4242 (expires 02/21)"
    4. Enter the required billing information fields for your customer in the remaining Payment Details:
      1. Billing First Name
      2. Billing Last Name
      3. Billing Street 1
      4. Billing Street 2 (optional)
      5. Billing City
      6. Billing State (usually 2 characters, example: CA)
      7. Billing Postcode (also known as Zip Code)
      8. Billing Country (select from the list or type to search the list)
  3. Once done, you should set the status of this Scheduled Order back to "Active" if the Scheduled Order is intended to process at it's next occurrence date.
    1. Important: Make sure to click "Update" to save your changes.
    2. If the Scheduled Order is already past it's next occurrence date and has an "Active" status, it will attempt to process within 5-10 minutes of updating the order.

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