WooCommerce Payment Integrations

Payment Integrations

There are a lot of possible configurations for payments and payment integrations with Autoship Cloud.  The most popular payment gateways in WooCommerce: Stripe, Authorize.Net CIM, PayPal Express Checkout, Braintree, and NMI are pre-configured to work with Autoship Cloud, but do need to be setup and tested.

One unique ability of integration with Autoship Cloud is that payment gateways integrate via WooCommerce checkout or directly between Autoship Cloud and your payment gateway!

Note: some customers & developers do not require payments for the creation of Scheduled Orders – instead of handling payments via 3rd party fulfillment and/or invoicing workflow.  If this is something you are interested in for your marketing please contact us and we can help you configure payments directly!

Setting up and testing Payments

  1. To test this feature, you must first connect and register your test or staging site with your online Merchant Site by setting up the Autoship Cloud plugin.
  2. Login to your site's WordPress Admin
  3. Find the "Autoship" section in the WordPress Admin menu
  4. Select "Payment Integrations"
  5. Click the add button (displayed as " + " )
  6. Select your Payment Gateway
  7. See your Payment Gateway section below before completing setup of your payment gateway and the next steps in this list. 
    1. Authorize.Net CIM Payments
    2. Braintree Payments
    3. Checkout.com
    4. CyberSource Payments
    5. NMI Payments
    6. PayPal Checkout
    7. PayPal Payments (PayPal V2 Integration)
    8. Stripe
    9. Square Payments
  8. After setting up your payment gateway, visit your WooCommerce store as a customer and complete a checkout with 1 or more products scheduled for a future order.
  9. Visit the "Scheduled Orders" page within My Account to confirm that the payment method used at checkout is displayed on each Scheduled Order

What If I Have Multiple Payment Integrations?

If you have more than 1 payment gateway enabled on your site, there are a few options to consider.

Option 1: All of your active payment gateways are supported by Autoship Cloud

If all of your active payment gateways are supported by Autoship Cloud, then you can continue offering these payment methods to all of your customers, regardless if they are paying for Autoship Scheduled Orders.

Option 2: None of your active payment gateways are supported by Autoship Cloud

If none of your active payment gateways are supported by Autoship Cloud, you may consider adding a payment gateway this is already supported, or getting in touch with our customer success team about developing an integration that supports your payment gateway.

Option 3: Only some of your active payment gateways are supported by Autoship Cloud

Only supported gateways will be shown at checkout if a product is selected for Autoship Cloud. This way, if only some of your active payment gateways are supported by Autoship Cloud, your customers can continue to make one-time product purchases or purchase products selected for Autoship without disrupting their checkout experience!

Protip! Supported payment gateways can be easily identified in WooCommerce > Settings >> Payments using the cycle icon as shown below. 

Other Payment Gateways

If you want to use your payment gateway with Autoship Cloud and it is not currently included as one of our supported Payment Gateway Integrations and another option won't work for your business, the QPilot team may be able to develop an integration for your payment gateway.

  • If you're interested in having us develop an integration for you, please get in touch with us (select the "Contact" link in our main menu) so we can review your payment gateway and requirements.  
  • You should also consider the following when considering if your payment gateway can be supported and integrated to work with Autoship Cloud:

1. Does Your Payment Gateway Currently Integrate with WooCommerce?

It's important that your payment gateway already offers a plugin that integrates with WooCommerce and offers features that are important to Autoship like securely saving payment methods for customers at Checkout and via My Account > Payment Methods.

You can learn more about the WooCommerce features that are important for Autoship Cloud as well as the way Autoship Cloud's hosted service, QPilot, integrates directly with payment gateways here: How Payments Work with Autoship Cloud

2. Other Things to Consider When Requesting a Payment Integration:

  • Payment Gateway plugins that are offered through WooCommerce.com may be more dependable when it comes to support and updates.
  • Clear and detailed API Documentation for your payment gateway must be able to be reviewed by the QPilot team in order to determine whether it is possible for Autoship Cloud's hosted service, QPilot, to integrate directly with your payment gateway to for processing Autoship Scheduled Orders.

More Information 

Can I Use CVV for Scheduled Orders

Many merchants choose not to require CVV verification for recurring billing or saved payment transactions beyond a checkout event due to the difficult issues with recurring billing. 

This is due to CVV verification being disruptive to automated recurring billing because the PCI DSS forbids storing the CVV in any way, at any level. 

Since the credit card information for customers with Scheduled Orders must be securely stored in order to be reused for future transactions, the CVV will not be stored and utilized for future transactions. This means that the CVV would need to be entered by the card owner on every transaction it is used on and makes CVV verification on any type of automated recurring billing impossible. 

Some payment gateways are able to configure your processing account to require the CVV only on the first transaction, so that Vault Transactions don't continue to require CVV. In this type of setup, a payment gateway will enforce the CVV requirement only once and avoid verification on recurring billing for the same payment method.