How customers manage Scheduled Orders

Customers can log in to My Account to view and manage their Scheduled Orders.

Autoship Cloud provides 3 unique options for displaying Scheduled Orders to customers who are logged into My Account.

1. Hosted Autoship Scheduled Orders iFrame

Simple customer experience, displayed as a hosted iFrame. 
Pro Tip: Slow site? The Hosted iFrame Display is hosted for you (on our servers) so it loads & updates super fast!

2. Embedded Autoship Scheduled Orders App

More robust features, displayed as an embedded application.
Pro Tip: developers can locate this Angular 5 application within the Autoship Cloud Plugin in the Scheduled Orders folder directory.

3. Native Autoship Scheduled Orders templates

Wordpress templates, customizable display and logic.
Pro Tip: this is the best display option if you are customizing the display or building custom logic that runs within Wordpress.

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