What Bulk Actions Can I Perform on My Products?

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In  WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Settings > Utilities (tab), you may choose from the several Autoship Bulk Actions to apply to your Products. Each has options and a selectable "batch-size". 

Batch Size: The amount of products updated in a single round. For stores with many products, choosing a smaller batch size may help prevent timeout issues when updating products.

Update Product Synchronization

Allows admins to Activate/Deactivate (WooCommerce) Product Synchronization for multiple products. This can be done in two ways. Upon enabling Product Sync the products enabled for Autoship Sync will be automatically enabled in QPilot for "Add to Scheduled Order" & "Process Scheduled Order" for Availability.

Update Product Synchronization in Autoship Cloud

Allows admin to Activate/Deactivate all your WooCommerce > Products to sync with Autoship Cloud using the "Update Product Synchronization" utility. Select the "Activate All Products" option and optionally select the checkbox to "Enable Add to Scheduled Order and Process Scheduled Order..." so that product availability in QPilot is updated automatically. 

Update Product Synchronization in WooCommerce

An admin can complete the same update in WooCommerce as well, see below for an example.

  1. For all Products: You may sync all your products easily by selecting "Activate All Products" then "Update Products" 
  2. For Select Products: You may Activate/Deactivate Product Synchronization from the WooCommerce > Products page by checking the products you want to sync with QPilot then selecting "Activate Autoship Sync" from the Bulk Actions dropdown menu.

See How Products are Synchronized for more information on QPilot's synchronization with WooCommerce.

Bulk Update Autoship Checkout Price

Allows admin to adjust the checkout price for products selected for Autoship in their store. Set the percent discount to discount your products selected for Autoship relative to the WooCommerce regular price. This allows for campaigns where steeper discounts are offered to all Autoship Products at checkout. This updates the "Checkout Price" as listed in WP-Admin > Products >> Autoship (tab). 

You can remove the Autoship Cloud Checkout Price in bulk by setting the percent discount to "0". See below for an example:

For more information on Autoship prices see How Autoship Prices Work

Bulk Update Autoship Recurring Price

Allows admins to adjust the recurring price for products selected for Autoship when a Scheduled Order is processed. Set the percent discount to discount your products relative to the WooCommerce regular price, for when a Scheduled Order is processed. This makes for a quick and easy incentivization for Autoship Products. This updates the "Reoccuring Price" as listed in WP-Admin > Products >> Autoship (tab). 

You can remove the Autoship Cloud Recocuring Price in bulk by setting the percent discount to "0".

Bulk Enable WooCommerce Products to Display Autoship Options

Allows admins to enable/disable all their products to display Autoship Options on their respective product pages in your WooCommerce store. 

Bulk Enable Product Availability

Allows admin to enable/disable products to:

  • be added to Scheduled Orders by customers (My Account > Scheduled Orders)
  • be available for processing when Scheduled Orders are processed

For more information on enabling products see Enabling Products for Autoship

Can I Perform Bulk Actions on SPECIFIC Products?

Yes! Using the WooCommerce Product Import / Export tool included with the base WooCommerce plugin, on which specific products can be updated with Autoship product metadata field values. See the doc below for more details!

How to Bulk Update Specific Products Using WooCommerce Import Export Tool

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