How Autoship Checkout Price Works

Present Autoship Checkout Price as Percent % Savings

Autoship Cloud will automatically calculate the % percentage savings by comparing the WooCommerce Product's Regular price to the Autoship Checkout Price.

Note: If you would like to calculate the % percentage savings for all WooCommerce Products, you can perform a bulk update of the Autoship Checkout Price within Wordpress Admin > Autoship Cloud > Migrations. 

This can optionally be presented within the Cart as well by enabling an option within Autoship Cloud > Settings (Additional Options)

Autoship Order Frequency

The order frequencies presented are defaulted to 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 months.  These are simply the most popular default frequencies used by Autoship Cloud stores.

If you would like to customize this global default, you can edit the plugin directly and change these frequencies.
Learn more about how to  change the default frequency options here.

If you would like to customize the frequency options for any given product or variation, you can do so on that product's Product Settings page, under the Autoship tab. 

Learn more about  Autoship Product Settings here.

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