7. Enabling Products for Autoship

Note: until you have activated your Online Merchant Account, no recurring Autoship Orders will be created. However, you can still test the functionality of enabling Products for Autoship.

There are 2 levels of control to enable Products for Autoship Cloud:
1. for customers to select an Autoship option on WooCommerce Product Pages
2. for customers to add Products to new and existing Scheduled Orders

Enabling Autoship options on WooCommerce Products 

  1. As the Wordpress Admin, edit a WooCommerce Product that you want to enable for Autoship
  2. In the Product Data section, locate the "Autoship" tab
  3. Enable the option to "Enable Schedule Options"
    1. This will add the display of Autoship options to the WooCommerce Product page
  4. You can also choose to set unique pricing options and frequency options to display on the Product page

Enabling Autoship Cloud Products for Scheduled Orders

With Autoship Cloud, you have full control over which products your customers can add to new & existing Scheduled Orders.

Note: this is separate from enabling the options to display on the WooCommerce Product page and is used to control the availability of products customers can add to Scheduled Orders.

  1. As the Wordpress Admin, navigate to Autoship Cloud > Products
  2. Under the "Availability" column, ensure each product that you want customers to be able to add to Scheduled Orders is enabled for "Add to Scheduled Order"
  3. By default, enabling an Autoship Cloud Product for "Add to Scheduled Order" will also enable the setting for "Process Scheduled Order"
  4. Learn more about Product Availability settings here.


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