[WooCommerce] 3. Connecting the WooCommerce API

In order to connect Autoship Cloud to its hosted cloud service, QPilot, you'll need to register a QPilot Merchant Account.

1. Register your QPilot account

Navigate to the QPilot Merchant Site at  https://merchants.qpilot.cloud/login/register and complete the registration process by entering your email address and creating a password.

2. Create a new integration

  1. Log in to your QPilot account at https://merchants.qpilot.cloud/login

  2. Navigate to My Account.
  3. Navigate to the Apps tab, locate the WooCommerce App and click "Connect".

  4. Generate a new key

  5. You will now have a new Client ID and Client Secret.

After creating a key, Copy the Client Secret

For security reasons, you cannot retrieve the Client Secret at a later time.  If you need to create a new key, simply delete the old one and use the new Client Secret.

3. Connect Autoship Cloud to QPilot

  1. Log in to the WP Admin Dashboard in your Wordpress site.
  2. Navigate to the Autoship Cloud > Settings tab. You will want to be in the Connection Settings tab once there.
  3. settings
  4. Enter your Client ID and Client Secret. Select the "Update" button.
  5. Select the "Connect" button. This will begin the authorization process.
  6. Log in to your QPilot account.
  7. Grant access for your site to connect to QPilot.
  8. You should see a message indicating that Autoship Cloud has been connected successfully. You should see "Healthy" for the API Healthy Check.

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