5. Testing Shipping Rates

Note: until you have activated your Online Merchant Account, no recurring Autoship Orders will be created. However, you can still test the functionality of creating Shipping Rates for Scheduled Orders.

Testing a Shipping Rate for Scheduled Orders

You can find the full documentation for Autoship Cloud Shipping Rates here.

  1. In your Wordpress Admin, navigate to Autoship Cloud > Shipping Rates
  2. By default, a Free Shipping rate of $0.00 is provided
    1. This enables a “Free Shipping” rate that will apply to all Scheduled Orders if no other rates are added
    2. Note: You can remove or edit this rate, but you will need at least 1 rate available to test Scheduled Orders
  3. To add a new Shipping Rate, click the add button (displayed as “ + “ )
  4. Fill in the fields that apply to your Store:
    1. Name (OPTIONAL): Enter a name to describe the shipping rate (example: Flat Rate Shipping)
    2. Shipping Class (OPTIONAL): If you use shipping classes in WooCommerce, you will see a list of shipping class slugs appear here.  You can select from the list or add a new class here.
    3. Shipping Address  (OPTIONAL): You can enter as many values to identify who should be receive the Shipping Rate based on the customer’s shipping address
      1. Example: Charge $5.00 flat-rate shipping to customer’s within the United States
        1. Country: [US] United States of America
        2. Base Price: 5
      2. Example: Charge $0.00 free shipping to customers within Austin, TX
        1. Country: [US] United States of America
        2. State: TX
        3. City: Austin
        4. Base Price: 0
      3. Example: Charge $0.00 free shipping to customers who purchase more than 5 products (in quantity)
        1. Condition Min Units: 6
      4. Example: Charge $0.00 free shipping to customers after their 1st scheduled order
        1. Condition Min Cycles: 1
  5. After setting up your shipping rate(s), visit your WooCommerce store as a customer and complete a checkout with 1 or more products scheduled for a future order.
  6. Visit the “Scheduled Orders” page within My Account to confirm that the appropriate shipping rate is displayed on each scheduled order.
  7. In your Wordpress Admin, navigate to WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Scheduled Orders and edit the order you placed as a customer to confirm that the rate you created is applied as the correct Shipping Method.

Products with Shipping Classes

If your WooCommerce products have been assigned unique shipping classes, a separate shipping rate must be created for each shipping class. Repeat the steps above to create new shipping rates that include shipping classes.

If not all of your WooCommerce products have been assigned a shipping class, then you should create a separate shipping rate that doesn't include a shipping class so that those products without a shipping class can also match with a shipping rate.

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