[WooCommerce] Requirements

Basic Requirements

To use the Autoship Cloud plugin with your WooCommerce store, please make sure you are able to fulfill the following basic requirements:

Best Practice Checklist

Autoship Cloud works by synchronizing data between your WooCommerce store and your QPilot online merchant account using the WooCommerce API.

The Autoship Cloud plugin facilitates this integration by directing you to connect these accounts with a simple registration process.

In most cases, this connection is a simple process, but it does rely on your WooCommerce store functioning in a healthy, accessible way, so we've outlined the best practices to ensure that you'll be able to make this connection easily and successfully.

1. Wordpress Hosting and Site Settings

  • You should be able to use your Wordpress host to create and restore backups of your Wordpress site
  • You should be able to duplicate your production (aka "live") Wordpress site to a staging (or "test") environment
  • You should be able add and remove plugins from within the Wordpress Admin as well as using FTP to access your Wordpress files
  • Your Wordpress database should be accessible to an administrator (usually using phpMyAdmin)
  • No access restriction should exist to visit your site. For example, you should not have to type a password to view your website
  • Server Error Logs for your site should not report errors - especially during WooCommerce checkout

2. WooCommerce should be working properly before activating Autoship Cloud

3. You can test an API connection to your WooCommerce store

The WooCommerce API can be quickly tested with your production and staging site using completely free tools that WooCommerce recommends and outlines here:


You can ensure your store's WooCommerce API is accessible by using the above link to test a connection.