[WooCommerce] What If I Migrate Payment Integrations?

If you are migrating payment integrations for any reason, there are a few important things you'll need to be aware of when it comes to your Scheduled Orders.

Existing Scheduled Orders are associated with a specific payment method type and if that payment method type is no longer available when the Scheduled Order processes, the Scheduled Order will fail for a 1003 No Payment Integration error. When you move from one supported payment integration to another, you will either need to migrate your existing saved payment methods between the integrations or have your customer re-add payment methods using the new integration!

Note: If you're in the process of switching payment integrations, we recommend pausing processing on your site to prevent Scheduled Order failures.

How to Start a Payment Migration

If you're interested in migrating your existing saved payment methods, firs reach out to both your old gateway (to request an export of our customer and saved payment method data, including tokenized gateway IDs) and your new gateway (to ensure they can accept and help migrate the data).

During this process, your customers' saved payment method IDs will likely change, which will affect Scheduled Order processing, as the old IDs will no longer work successfully. If the payment methods can be successfully migrated to the new supported platform, our support team can help update your Scheduled Orders with these new payment methods in bulk. Just reach out to Customers@qpilot.cloud to get this process started!

You'll also need to add your new payment integration to Autoship Cloud > Payment Integrations so that payments can now be saved through your new gateway.

How Customers Can Update Their Payment Methods

Your customers can also manually update their payment method in My Account > Payment Methods and apply the new method to all their existing Scheduled Orders, as outlined here: How Customers Manage Payment Methods.