[WooCommerce] How Customers Manage Payment Methods

Customers can add, update and delete their saved payment methods in My Account > Payment Methods and update which saved payment method they would like to use to pay for their Scheduled Orders in My Account > Scheduled Orders. 

In this guide, we will cover how customers manage their saved payment methods

Updating Payment Methods in Scheduled Orders

Updating an Individual Scheduled Order with a Different Saved Payment Method

A customer can update their payment method for a Scheduled Order by selecting "Edit Payment Method" in My Account > Scheduled Orders. All saved payment methods from My Account > Payment Methods will be listed in the "Payment Method" drop-down menu.

Updating the Payment Method for all Scheduled Orders

A customer can update the payment method for all of their Scheduled Orders at once by selecting the "cycle" icon displayed next to the saved payment method in  My Account > Payment Methods. This cycle icon applies the payment method to all existing Scheduled Orders.

Adding a New Payment Method 

A customer can add a new payment method in My Account > Payment Methods. Only credit card forms for payment integrations that have been added to your site and are supported by Autoship Cloud will be available to customers on this page. 

When a new payment method is added, a customer can select the action to "Update" Scheduled Orders with the new payment method from the notice that the Autoship Cloud plugin adds to the Payment Methods screen after a new payment method is successfully added.

Once a new payment method is added, the customer can quickly update all Scheduled Orders as outlined here. They can update an individual Scheduled Order to use the new payment method as outlined here

Updating an Existing Payment Method 

Any changes that need to be made to existing payment methods require adding a new payment method. This is a functionality of most payment plugins and ensures that the payment method is updated correctly for all future charges. See common updates that need to be made below.

Updating the Expiration Date for an Existing Payment Method 

If the expiration date has expired, the customer will need to remove the existing saved payment method and add a new one. Even if the credit card information is otherwise the same. See below for a step-by-step guide to making this change. 

  1. Delete the existing payment methods (where the card is expired). 
  2. Select "Add new payment method".
  3. Add the card again with the updated expiration date. 
  4. Once saved, there will be an option to apply this payment method to existing Scheduled Orders. A customer should select this option to update Scheduled Orders and the saved payment methods used for them.
Updating a Billing Address for an Existing Payment Method 

If the billing address for an existing saved payment method has been updated in the issuing bank, a customer will need to follow the steps outlined here: How Can Customers Update Billing Addresses.