Migrating Subscriptions from a Third Party

How to Migrate Subscriptions Successfully

There are 4 key steps to migrating existing subscriptions (such as from WooCommerce Subscriptions) to Autoship Cloud Scheduled Orders as outlined below.

Step 1 - Staging Site & Setup 

Before you go through the migration process, it's important that you not only get ready for new Scheduled Orders but ensure our product is right for you!

Step 2 - Migration Data Confirmation

We understand the importance of your customer data and ensuring a smooth transition. This is why testing and validating your migration data is extremely important.

  • Export existing subscription to a CSV file
  • Review and validate data:
    • Are product ids and prices correct? 
    • Is any payment, product, or customer address information missing?
    • Do payment methods match what is saved in your payment gateway?

You can learn more about validating data here: Validating Customer and Product Id's

Step 3 - Migration 

Now that your team has validated the subscription data and tested the migration on a staging site, you are ready to migrate on your live site.

  • Export and validate your existing subscription data
  • Schedule your import between Mon-Wed
  • Once imported, ensure that the new Scheduled Orders look correct (step 2). For example:
    • Is the customer information complete and correct?
    • Are product prices correct? 

Step 4 - Finalize Migration

Now that data has been confirmed and existing subscriptions have been imported you can finalize your migration. 

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