[WooCommerce] Migrating Subscriptions from a Third Party

How to Migrate Subscriptions Successfully

There are 4 key steps to migrating existing subscriptions (such as from WooCommerce Subscriptions) to Autoship Cloud Scheduled Orders as outlined below.

Step 1 - Staging Site & Setup 

Before you go through the migration process, it's important that you not only get ready for new Scheduled Orders but ensure our product is right for you!

Step 2 - Migration Data Confirmation

We understand the importance of your customer data and ensuring a smooth transition. This is why testing and validating your migration data is extremely important.

  • Export existing subscription to a CSV file
  • Review and validate data:
    • Are product ids and prices correct? 
    • Is any payment, product, or customer address information missing?
    • Do payment methods match what is saved in your payment gateway?

You can learn more about validating data here: Validating Customer and Product Id's

Step 3 - Migration  

Step 3.A Test Migration

  • Before completing a full migration, we will test the import of 2-3 Scheduled Orders onto your staging site and process them as Scheduled Orders.
  • Once your team has confirmed the test orders look good (as outlined in Step 3.B below), we can continue with the complete migration.

Step 3.B Complete Migration

Now that your team has validated the subscription data and tested the migration on a staging site, you are ready to migrate on your live site.

  • Export and validate your existing subscription data
  • Schedule your import between Mon-Wed
  • Once imported, ensure that the new Scheduled Orders look correct (step 2). For example:
    • Is the customer information complete and correct?
    • Are product prices correct? 

Now that data has been validated and existing subscriptions have been imported you are ready to launch Autoship Cloud!

Step 4 - Finalize Setup and Prepare to Launch

Once existing subscriptions have been imported you are ready to launch Autoship Cloud!

Before you do:

  • Ensure you have set up and tested the Autoship Cloud plugin on your live site (repeat step 1).
  • Verify the import and plugin setup by testing the creation and processing of a Scheduled Order.
  • Resume QPilot site processing!