[WooCommerce] Product Page Autoship Info Link

How do I tell my customers about my Autoship program?

The Autoship Cloud plugin gives you an easy and customizable way to educate your customers about your Autoship program! The Autoship Info Link will let your customers know the key points and benefits of signing up for Autoship right from where they are shopping (your store's product and cart pages).

The text, display, and link type are all customizable to provide the experience you want for your customers. The Autoship Info Link settings can be updated right from your Autoship Cloud Options page

Display Options

Allows Admins to choose how they want the Info Link to display on the product and cart pages. 

Choose from the following options:

  • Do not display
  • Display as a tooltip
  • Display as modal
  • Display as a link (directs customers to a customizable URL in the store)

Product Page Autoship Info Link Url

If the "Display as a link" option is selected, enter the URL you want to use for the Product Page Autoship Info Link. 

Some merchants have a shop page that provides information on their Autoship program (such as the benefits). In these cases, this setting enables a merchant to link to that page as shown in the example below.

Product Page Autoship Info Link Type

How the Autoship Info Link displays. Admins can select between the following options

  • Icon  

  • Text Link

Product Page Autoship Info Link Label

If a "Text Link" is selected as the link type, enter the text for how you want the link labeled. For example: "Learn More About Our Autoship Program!"

Product Page Autoship Info Link Content

Allows Admins to customize the basic HTML for the Autoship Info Link Content when the tooltip or pop-out modal display options are selected.