[WooCommerce] Can Addresses be Saved for Scheduled Orders?

Yes! Saving a shipping address enables a quick selection of a specific shipping address that has been saved by the Merchant to their connected QPilot Site.

In many cases, saved shipping addresses will match with specific shipping rates (shipping rates that are exclusively available to that address location).  For example, the shipping address of a physical store location for local pickup.

Merchants will create a saved shipping address(es) for their connected QPilot Site from their Merchant Account under the "Shipping Addresses" tab of the Merchant Dashboard. After creating a Shipping Address it is available to be selected by the merchant when  Editing Scheduled Orders.  

To learn more about how shipping addresses, see here: QPilot Shipping Addresses

Applying a Saved Shipping Address to a Scheduled Order:

  1. Go to WP-AdminAutoship Cloud > Scheduled Orders and edit a Scheduled Order 
  2. Select the tab "Select A Saved Address"
  3. Select the Saved Shipping Address you want to apply to the Scheduled Order
  4. Update the Scheduled Order

Example: The example below shows how a merchant would apply a Saved Shipping Address to a Scheduled Order

Example: Using a Saved Shipping Address for Unique Shipping Rate Options

In the example below, the Merchant uses a Saved Shipping Address that matches with unique Shipping Rates created for local Customers.