[WooCommerce] Can Customers Use Multiple Unique Shipping Addresses on Scheduled Orders?

Yes they can! 2 of the options for displaying Scheduled Orders to customers in My Account enable the entry of shipping addresses that are unique to each Scheduled Order.

  1. Native UI Display
    1. The most customizable display option because it uses WordPress Templates that are "native" to your site
  2. Embedded Display
    1. Web Application embedded in My Account > Scheduled Orders via iframe 

Using one of these display options, your Autoship Customers will be able to edit the Shipping Address for each Scheduled Order they have.

Example: Native UI Display

In this screen capture, the Autoship Customer logs into  My Account > Scheduled Orders and selects the option to "Update Shipping Address". 

A template displays an address form to change the shipping address that can be confirmed when the Customer selects "Update Shipping Address".

Example: Embedded Display

In this screen capture, the Autoship Customer logs into My Account > Scheduled Orders to locate an upcoming Scheduled Order in order to change the shipping address.  

Once entered, the change is highlighted so they know to confirm the changed Shipping Address by selecting "Update".

To learn more about how shipping addresses, see here: QPilot Shipping Addresses