How Can Customers Manage Shipping Addresses?

WooCommerce enables Customers to update and manage their Shipping Addresses by logging into  My Account > Addresses.

Autoship Cloud extends the WooCommerce customer experience in  My Account > Addresses to make it easy for Customers with Scheduled Orders to apply changes made to their Shipping Address to their existing Scheduled Orders.

To learn more about how shipping addresses, see here: QPilot Shipping Addresses

How Customers Manage Their Shipping Address 

  1. Login to My Account and select Addresses
  2. Edit the Shipping Address
  3. When saving the new Shipping Address, Customers are shown an option to "Update the Shipping Address for All My Scheduled Orders (optional)"

To learn more using multiple shipping addresses see here: Can Customers Use Multiple Unique Shipping Addresses on Scheduled Orders?

How Customers Update Their Shipping Address 

At any time, Customers can also select an action displayed on the  My Account > Addresses page to "Click here to update your shipping address on all Scheduled Orders".  

This action will apply the current Shipping Address to all of their existing Scheduled Orders even if they are not editing the Shipping Address.

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