[WooCommerce] Why Can't I Add Another Site to My QPilot Account

Environment Difference and Maximum Site Allowances

If you have a site with a production environment already, you will not be able to connect another production level site, unless you have the Marketer Plan which allows for 5 production environment sites. You will still be able to connect a site to QPilot, however but it will enforce a test environment on any new sites if you have 1 production environment (Starter / Growth Plan) or 5 production environments (Marketer Plan). Sites with staging/test environments do NOT count towards your maximum site limit. 

How to Connect a New Site to QPilot

 How to Pick the Right Plan

QPilot bills for the amount of Scheduled Orders it hosts (be it Active, Paused, or Failed Status), so it is important to pick the correct plan for your customer volume. If you are migrating and / or testing Scheduled Orders that you plan on deleting, please keep a record of them to inform us when testing is complete and if you would like us to remove them from your database to prevent unnecessary charges. 

Autoship Cloud Current Plan Offerings