[WooCommerce] How do I avoid caching API endpoints for Autoship Cloud with my security and caching plugins?

With some caching plugins (for example: W3 Total Cache) you may need to adjust the caching settings in order for your site to integrate successfully with API's (WooCommerce REST API, QPilot API, etc.). 

If you have installed a caching plugin and see errors within your site's API Health Check (WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Settings), you may need to avoid caching the wp-json and wc-autoshipcloud endpoints. 

In the following example, we'll ensure that the wp-json and wc-autoshipcloud endpoinst are both included in W3 Total Cache's "Never cache..." settings.

Add API endpoints to the "never-cache" list

In this screenshot example, the endpoints for wc-autoshipcloud (the Autoship Cloud endpoint) and wp-json (the WordPress REST API endpoint) are added to the "never cache" settings for the W3 Total Cache plugin.