Autoship Cloud Reports

Table Of Contents

  1. Products by Date Summary
  2. Scheduled Orders by Product
  3. Scheduled Order Metrics
  4. Event Logs

Products by Date Summary

This report displays all products scheduled for upcoming Scheduled Orders, grouped by their date of Next Occurrence.

Popular uses for this report

  • Inventory forecasting
    • Viewing and/or exporting the report in order to ensure stock is available for upcoming Active Scheduled Orders
  • Scheduled product performance
    • See which products have high Total Scheduled quantities that are Active VS products with high Total Scheduled quantities that are paused or failed

Scheduled Orders by Product

This report displays all customers that have a selected product in their Scheduled Order.  To view report results for a product, you must first use the "Select product" filter.

Popular uses for this report

  • Viewing and Exporting Customers that have scheduled a specific product
    • Viewing and/or exporting the report in order to create a list of customer emails that have an upcoming Scheduled Order for a specific product

Scheduled Order Metrics

This report displays a real-time, exportable snapshot of Scheduled Orders with key performance metrics including each Scheduled Order's Source, Created Date, Lifetime Value and current Status.

Popular uses for this report

  • Assessing Overall Performance of Scheduled Orders
    • For example, marketers can export the data to analyze the average Lifetime Value for Customers based on when they "signed up" (the Created Date).
  • Viewing the Source and Recent History of a Scheduled Order
    • For example, the report can be filtered by Start and End Date to only view Scheduled Orders created within the last day.
    • The External ID reveals details about the Source: an External ID for a Source of "Checkout" reveals the WooCommerce Order number from which the Scheduled Order was created.

Event Logs

This report enables merchants and admins to search for specific events over time related to Scheduled Orders including creation, updates and processing.

Popular uses for this report

  • Searching for specific Scheduled Order events to answer customer support questions including:
    • "When was my Scheduled Order changed?"
    • "Who added/removed a product from this Scheduled Order?"
    • "What happened to this Scheduled Order after it failed to process?"
    • "How many Scheduled Orders processed in the last 10 days?"