How to Add Payment Methods to Scheduled Orders with Stripe

How do I Manually Add a Payment Method from my Stripe Dashboard?

Though it is recommended your customer adds new payment methods or apply a payment method to their Scheduled Order(s) via  My Account > Payment Methods, you may manually add a Stripe payment method directly from your Stripe Dashboard to your customers' Scheduled Orders in QPilot.

QPilot is integrated directly with your Stripe gateway, this means you can add payments directly to QPilot so long as they exist in the gateway.

What do I need to manually add a Stripe payment method to QPilot?

QPilot requires three pieces of information from your Stripe Dashboard to manually add payment methods:

  • Stripe Customer Id
  • Stripe Payment Method Id
  • Payment Method Description (to identify the payment method easier)

To manually add a payment method, you will first open your Stripe Dashboard and edit a Scheduled Order ( WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Scheduled Orders > "View/Edit"). Go to the "Payment Details" section of the Scheduled Order.

Manually Adding Payment Method to QPilot

Merchants can manually add a payment method to QPilot by editing a Scheduled Order and selecting "Create New" under the Payment Method field.

  1. Go to "Payment Method" field and select "Create New"
  2. Copy the Customer Id from Stripe to the Gateway Customer Id
  3. Copy the Payment Method Id from Stripe to the Gateway Payment Id
  4. Add the Payment Method Description (For Example: "Visa ending in 1111 Expires 01/25")
  5. Scheduled Order Billing Address => copied from the Stripe Customer Profile 
  6. Update the Scheduled Order

In the recording below, an Admin manually adds a Stripe payment method to a Scheduled Order by copying the Customer Id, Payment Method Id, & Payment Method Description from their Stripe dashboard. 

Loading a Payment Method from Stripe

Visit  QPilot Merchant Center > Dashboard > Scheduled Orders > "View/Edit" then locate the "Payment Details" section ("Load Methods from Gateway" tab).

  1. In the "Load Methods from Gateway" tab select "Stripe - Load Manually"
  2. Copy the Customer Id from your Stripe Dashboard, paste it into the Gateway Customer Id field, and select "Load Profile"
  3. Select the payment profile to apply.
  4. Select "Update"

Learn more about loading Payment Methods here.