[WooCommerce] How to Add Payment Methods in Square

How to Manually Add a Saved Payment Method to a Scheduled Order with Square

Need to manually add a payment to a Scheduled Order for a customer who has already saved a Credit Card in their account? If a customer has already saved a credit card (via Square Payments) at checkout or by logging into your site (  My Account > Payment Methods) the tokenized payment ID's will be saved to their User in WordPress (WP-Admin > Users).

First, locate the saved payment method in WordPress:

  1. As an administrator, visit WP-Admin > Users
  2. Edit the user for the customer that owns the saved payment method
  3. Locate the "Square Payment Tokens" section
  4. Note the "Token ID" and "Customer ID".  You will be using these fields in the next steps.

Second, add the payment method to the Customer in Autoship Cloud:

  1. Visit WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Customers 
  2. Search the name or email address to locate the Customer
  3. Select the option to "Edit" 
  4. Locate the "Payment Methods" section and select the "ADD" action.
  5. For the "Payment Method Type" option, select "Square"
  6. Fill in fields with information copied from the Wordpress User's Square Payment Tokens (from the previous step):
    • Gateway Customer ID => Square Payment Tokens: Customer ID
    • Gateway Payment ID => Square Payment Tokens: Credit Card (Square) ID
    • Payment Method Description => Card type, last four digits of card number of expiration copied from Payment Profile fields
      • Example Description: Visa Ending in 4422 (Expires 11/24)
    • Billing Address Fields => Copy these fields (First Name, Last Name, Billing Street 1, etc) directly from the Billing Address of the WordPress User
  7. Select "Add" to save the payment method
  8. Confirm your change for this Customer by selecting "Update" 

Last step, edit the Scheduled Order's Payment Method:

  1. Visit WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Scheduled Orders
  2. Search the name or email address to locate the Customer's Scheduled Order(s)
    1. Pro Tip: if the Scheduled Order recently failed to process a payment, it will have a status of "Failed"
  3. Select the option to "Edit" the Scheduled Order
  4. At the bottom section of the Scheduled Order, locate the "Payment Method" option and select the Payment Method you want to apply to the Scheduled Order 
  5. Review the Scheduled Order:
    1. Make sure to set the Scheduled Order's Status to "Active" if you want it to process automatically on the Next Occurrence Date 
  6. Confirm your changes for the Scheduled Order by selecting "Update"

If you need to process the Scheduled Order right away, select the action for Continue Processing or Process Now.