[BETA] [WooCommerce] PayPal Payments (PayPal V2 Integration)

The PayPal Payments plugin is meant to be an upgrade from the PayPal Checkout plugin allowing a better experience with PayPal payments and adds the ability to save credit card payment methods in addition to the regular PayPal functionality. This allows customers more options to pay for their Scheduled Orders (even if they do not have a PayPal account)! 

Required for this integration:

Unsupported Features

  • Adding payment methods via My Account > Payment Methods: The PayPal Checkout plugin does not provide a way for customers to add a PayPal payment in My Account. Customers must complete a Billing Agreement or save their credit card after selecting PayPal as their payment method at Checkout.
  • PayLater at Checkout: Feature disables automatically when enabling Vaulting
  • Checkout on a single product page 

Before testing with Autoship Cloud

This doc assumes you have already setup & tested regular WooCommerce checkout orders with both credit card and PayPal methods successfully according to the WooCommerce PayPal Payments documentation. The new PayPal payment methods should be confirmed to display in the customer My Account > PayPal Payments page and as saved methods selectable at checkout.

Vaulting Test Credit Card Numbers

PayPal offers special credit card numbers to test its vaulting feature for saving payment methods. Some card numbers tested to work are included below. For a complete list of PayPal's vaulting test cards see the PayPal documentation. These cards will take any valid expiration date and CVV.

  • Visa - 4772129056533503
  • Mastercard - 5288775404117508
  • AMEX - 376680816376961

Adding PayPal Payments (BETA) Support to Autoship Cloud

When you are ready to begin testing PayPal Payments with Autoship Cloud you must not only enable PayPal in WooCommerce, but you must also enable this experimental feature in WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Settings > Options >> (Beta) Experimental Support for WooCommerce PayPal Payments.

Use the PayPal Sandbox Merchant Id, Client Id, and Client Secret values from WooCommerce and follow the steps in outlined in our doc here to start testing quickly. 

You are now ready to test  Checkout and Scheduled Orders with Autoship Cloud.

Placing a Test Order as a Test PayPal Customer

Create a test customer in PayPal

PayPal test accounts can only be created in a PayPal Developer Account.  

PayPal Developer accounts are free to register, and PayPal provides detailed steps to guide you through the creation of Test PayPal Customer account here.

Once you have created a Test PayPal Customer, you will be able to place a test order on your site by adding 1+ product selected for Autoship to your cart and selecting PayPal as your payment method at checkout.

Use the Test PayPal Customer account that you created in your PayPal Developer account to test placing an order as a customer via PayPal Checkout and save PayPal as your payment method for Scheduled Orders.

Placing your test order via PayPal Checkout

1. Visit your store as a customer (make sure you are not logged in as the WordPress Admin).

2. Add at least 1 item scheduled for Autoship to your Cart.

3. Complete a checkout using PayPal as your payment method.

4. Verify that the order has successfully processed

5. As the same customer, visit  My Account > Scheduled Orders, and verify that you have an upcoming Scheduled Order that includes your scheduled item(s) and PayPal as your payment method.

6. Log back into your site's WordPress Admin and navigate to  Autoship Cloud > Scheduled Orders to review your new Scheduled Order with the new PayPal payment method attached.

7. Process the Scheduled Order using the "Process Now" action 

8. Verify the Scheduled Order processes successfully

9. Repeat this Process for PayPal Credit Card payments 

Can I ‘Migrate’ to the PayPal V2 Integration from PayPal Checkout?

In short, no. PayPal V2 is fundamentally different from the PayPal Checkout regarding saving payment methods. What does this mean? This means if Scheduled Orders were created using the PayPal Checkout plugin, you will need both PayPal and PayPal V2 integrations set up in QPilot to process Scheduled Orders using the older saved PayPal methods and new PayPal saved methods. It is best to think of PayPal V2 as a separate payment integration.