[Shopify] Customer Shipping Addresses

Shopify automatically updates customer addresses when an order is made (checkout or Scheduled Order processing). QPilot synchronizes the default shipping address from Shopify to QPilot whenever it is updated.

Just like when the customer sets a new shipping address with their newest checkout, the same occurs when a Scheduled Order Processes.

See how the customer has a new default address at checkout after entering a new one in the previous checkout? The default address selected at checkout is the one the customer used for their last purchase (be it checkout or Scheduled Order processing).

Will a Customer Shipping Address Update Affect their Existing Scheduled Orders?

No! Because a Scheduled Order Shipping Addresses are unique to the Scheduled Order, updating customer addresses, only update the customer in QPilot, no their Scheduled Orders.

How do customers update their Shipping Address on existing Scheduled Orders?

Customer set the Shipping Address for their Scheduled Order at checkout. Customers wanting to update their Scheduled Order Shipping Addresses must request Merchants to do this for them (by Editing the Scheduled Order in the QPilot Merchant Center).