[Shopify] How Shipping Works

Shipping Rates for Scheduled Orders are managed and powered by your connected QPilot Site. 

Merchants can create and manage Shipping Rates in their connected QPilot Site by visiting Shopify > Apps >> Autoship Cloud >> Shipping Rates. To learn more about how Shipping Rates Work see here: QPilot Shipping Rates

3 Important Features of Shipping Rates

  1. Automated
  2. Matched to Specific Scheduled Order Conditions
  3. Optimized for Lowest Cost

How a Shipping Rate Is Automatically Applied to a Scheduled Order

A Shipping Rate is automatically applied to a Scheduled Order when it matches a cascading set of rules that are defined on the Shipping Rate. 

  1. A Shipping Rate is validated by matching Scheduled Order and Product(s) data.
  2. A Shipping Rate is validated by matching the Shipping Address of the Scheduled Order.
  3. Matching Shipping Rates are filtered by following an order of "specificity" to see if they are available and can be applied to a Scheduled Order.

How the "Default" Shipping Rate is Automatically Applied to Each Scheduled Order

When all available Shipping Rates have been determined for a Scheduled Order, the Shipping Rate that is the lowest cost will be labeled as "Default" and automatically applied to the Scheduled Order.

If no Shipping Rates are available for the Scheduled Order, the Scheduled Order fails ( processing error #1002).  This error occurs when there is no Shipping Rate found for the Scheduled Order.

For additional details on how Shipping Rates work see here: QPilot Shipping Rates