[Shopify] How Customers Manage Scheduled Orders

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How Customers View Scheduled Orders

How Customers Manage Scheduled Orders

How Customers View Scheduled Orders

Customers can view and edit their Scheduled Orders in Shopify from the Account page using the Hosted Autoship Scheduled Orders iFrame. This customer experience display is hosted for you (on our servers) so it loads & updates fast! 

Ensure Customers Can View/Edit Scheduled Orders

In order for customers to be able to manage their Scheduled Orders on your Shopify site, first ensure that customer profiles are not hidden.

  1. Go to Shopify Admin > Settings >> Customer Accounts and ensure customer accounts are not hidden under "Accounts in online store and checkout".

    If they are hidden, you will need to edit this setting and select "Show login link in the header of online store and at checkout". We suggest implementing "New customer accounts" for the best user experience (both new and classic customer accounts are supported).

    1. Once enabled, make sure to save your changes.
  2. Next, ensure that the Scheduled Order page is added to your site's navigation. Go to Shopify > Sale Channels > Navigation > Menu Items, and then ensure "Subscriptions" is added to the Account menu.

    Subscirptions to the Account Menu
  3. Once enabled, customers will be able to access/create/login to accounts as needed to manage their Scheduled Orders!

What If I Don't Have a My Account Menu?

You can add a My Account Menu (and Subscription page) to most Shopify themes! See a quick step-by-step below:

  1. Go to Shopify > Online Store >> Theme >> Navigation
  2. Open your menu "Main Menu"
  3. Add a new menu item.
  4. Add the name "My Account" and then link the page to "/account" or your account URL (which is most likely https://yoursite.com/account)
  5. Add another menu item, title "Subscipritons", then add the link to your subscription page (which is most likely https://yoursite.com/a/qpilot/subscriptions).
  6. Drag the Subscription menu into the My Account section of the Main Menu and save changes.

    My Account Menu Settings
  7. Once saved, visit your website and make sure it's showing as expected! If you run into more concerns please let us know and we can take a look at your theme specifically.

Protip! You can confirm your account links as outlined below.

    • Your account link can be confirmed in Shopify > Settings >> Customer Accounts by reviewing the URL section.

      Customer Account URL
    • Your Scheduled Order account page can be confirmed from Shopify > Settings >> Apps and Sales Channels by reviewing the App Proxy section.

      QPilot App Proxy URL

How Customers Manage Scheduled Orders

Creating a New Scheduled Order

A customer can add a product with a frequency selected to the cart in order to create a new Scheduled Order. 

  1. Visit a product page.
  2. Select the Autoship option (sometimes called "Subscribe and Save").
  3. Select a Frequency.
  4. Select "Add to Cart".
  5. Complete checkout as a new or existing customer.

Editing Scheduled Orders 

Scheduled Order Actions Available:

  • Edit Scheduled Order 
  • Pause / Resume Scheduled Order Processing
  • Delete Scheduled Order

Common reasons a customer may need to edit or manage a Scheduled Order are outlined below:

  • Updating the Next Occurrence Date 
  • Changing the Scheduled Order Frequency
  • Changing the Scheduled Order Status
  • Adding or Removing Products

Updating the Next Occurrence Date 

By selecting "Edit Schedule" in Account > Scheduled Orders (shares the "Cancel Edit Schedule" in the image below), a customer can update the Next Occurrence Date (when the Scheduled Order will process next) for an individual Scheduled Order. 

Changing the Scheduled Order Frequency

By selecting "Edit Schedule" in  Account > Scheduled Orders, a customer can update the frequency (cadence) their Scheduled Order processes on. For example, they can update the frequency from "Every 1 Month" to "Every 3 Months".

Changing the frequency will not automatically update the Next Occurrence Date for an individual Scheduled Order, it will only affect subsequent Next Occurrence Dates.

Changing the Scheduled Order Status 

Customers are able to Pause, Resume (Activate), and Delete Scheduled Orders from Account > Scheduled Orders

If their Scheduled Orders has failed to process, then selecting "Resume" will continue processing the Scheduled Order at the point it failed. For example, if the Scheduled Order fails due to a payment error, then resuming will retry the payment. Customers can alternatively update the Next Occurrence Date to a future date and then "Resume". 

Adding or Removing Products

A customer can add, remove, or change the number of products in their Scheduled Orders in Account > Scheduled Orders as shown below.