autoship_deactivate_sync_bulk_handler (function)

(src/product-page.php) Handles the Autoship All Products Deactivate for Sync Action. It takes a  $redirect_url, the current $action being performed, and the Product Ids ($post_ids) as its parameters, returning the $redirect_url


 * Handles the Autoship All Products Deactivate Sync Bulk Action
 * @param string $redirect_url The url to redirect user to after done.
 * @param string $action The current action being performed.
 * @param array $post_ids The selected post ids being performed against.
 * @return string The redirect url.
function autoship_deactivate_sync_bulk_action_handler( $redirect_url, $action, $post_ids ){

  // Go through the ids and deactivate the products.
  $updated = $not_updated = array();
	foreach ( $post_ids as $post_id ) {

    if ( !autoship_is_valid_sync_post_type( $post_id ) ) {
      $not_updated[] = $post_id;

    // Enable the option
    $result = autoship_set_product_sync_active_enabled ( $post_id ,'no' );

    // Update the Simple, Variable or Variation in QPilot.
    $result = autoship_push_product ( $post_id );

    $updated[] = $post_id;


  $notice = sprintf( __('<h3>Autoship Cloud Bulk Action</h3><p><strong>%d Products Deactivated</strong> from synchronizing with QPilot.</p>', 'autoship'), count( $updated ) );

  if ( !empty( $not_updated ) )
  $notice .= sprintf( __('<hr/><p>%d Products were not updated since they were not valid QPilot product types.</p>', 'autoship'), count( $not_updated ) );

  autoship_add_message( $notice, 'autoship-general-notice' , 'autoship_all_products_bulk_action_messages' );

  do_action( 'autoship_after_all_products_autoship_deactivate_sync_bulk_action', $post_ids, $action, $redirect_url );

	return $redirect_url;


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