autoship_activate_sync_bulk_action_handler (function)

(src/product-page.php) Handles the Autoship All Products Activate for Sync Action. It takes a $redirect_url, the current $action being performed, and the Product Ids ($post_ids) as its parameters, returning the $redirect_url. 


 * Handles the Autoship All Products Bulk Actions.
 * @param string $redirect_url The url to redirect user to after done.
 * @param string $action The current action being performed.
 * @param array $post_ids The selected post ids being performed against.
function autoship_all_products_bulk_actions_handler( $redirect_url, $action, $post_ids ) {

  $autosbip_bulk_actions = autoship_all_products_bulk_actions();

	if ( !isset( $autosbip_bulk_actions[$action] ) )
	return $redirect_url;

  $function_handler = "{$action}_bulk_action_handler";
  if ( !function_exists( $function_handler ) )
	return $redirect_url;

  return $function_handler ( $redirect_url, $action, $post_ids );