autoship_init_integration_test (function)

( src/api-health.php) Initiates the WooCommerce to Autoship to QPilot integration status check. Upon completion of the tests, the corresponding status timestamps are then populated. 


* Initiates the Autoship <> QPilot integration tests.
* Hits the QPilot test endpoint where QPilot then checks
* POST, GET, and PUT calls to WC and Autoship Endpoints.
* If successful the corresponding status timestamps are populated.
function autoship_init_integration_test(){

  // Clear the Status timestamps in prep for testing.

  // Create the QPilot client
  // Grab the client and only continue if connection exists.
  if ( empty( $client = autoship_get_default_client() ) || empty( $client->get_token_auth() ) || empty( $client->get_site_id() ))
  return false;

  try {

    * Initiate QPilot's integration tests.
    * When initiated QPilot uses the api autoshipcloud/v1/statuscheck/put
    * and autoshipcloud/v1/statuscheck/post as well as the WC REST API
    * to Check if the connection is fully valid.
    $result = $client->check_integration_status();

    // Run the Status checks to ensure all green lights
    $health = autoship_integration_statuses_check( $result );

  } catch ( Exception $e ) {

    // Run the Status checks to see where the failure occurred.
    $health = autoship_integration_statuses_check( NULL, true, $e->getCode(), $e->getMessage() );


  do_action( 'autoship_init_integration_test_complete', $health );

  return $health;


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