(src/logger.php) Allows you to change how the Autoship-Logs are displayed in WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Settings > Logs. The filter takes the current file label, time, and file name as parameters. 


* Adjust the Label for Log files in the Select drop down to include the Modified Timestamp.
 * @since 2.0.3
 * @param string $label The current file label
 * @param string $time The last modified time string for the file.
 * @param string $name The file name.
 * @return string The filtered label
function xx_display_last_mod_time_for_log_file_select( $label, $time, $name ){

  return date("l\ g:i A, F Y", $time );

add_filter( 'autoship_log_file_download_select_display_name', 'xx_display_last_mod_time_for_log_file_select', 10, 3 );