Why is a Autoship Cloud Page Not Loading in WP-Admin?

If you are seeing your WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Products not loading any data / stuck in loading, you may be restricting cookies and site data in your browser settings:

Your browser may be unable to load the reports that are embedded in these pages and which are actually hosted by QPilot (secure pages embedded as iFrames within your Wordpress Admin).

Upon inspecting the console (Google Developer Tools) you may see the following error: 

Security Error: Failed to read the 'local storage' property from 'window': Access is denied for this document. 

This is often due to your browser's privacy settings for cookies, which you can then edit the following ways:

  1. Toggle off "Block third-party cookies" OR 
  2. Add merchants.qpilot.cloud to sites that are allowed to read and save third-party cookie data (seen in the error above).

After editing your browser settings, your WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Products page should now show the reports embedded from your QPilot Site and will no longer be blocked.

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