My Account: Add Order Number Column to Scheduled Order Table

Adds the Order Number Column back to into the Scheduled Orders Table.

Important: Always test customizations to your site on a staging environment before making changes to your live / production site.  If you are not experienced with testing changes on a staging site, here is a good article to review.

* Adds Order Number Column back into the Scheduled Orders table
* @param array $columns The current column array
* @return array The filtered columns

function xx_add_autoship_scheduled_orders_order_number_column( $columns ){
    return array( 'order-number'  => __( 'Order', 'autoship' ) ) + $columns;

add_filter( 'autoship_my_account_my_scheduled_orders_columns', 'xx_add_autoship_scheduled_orders_order_number_column', 10, 1 );