(src/payments.php) returns an array of Payment Gateway IDs and QPilot Payment Method Types. This function is used by the two routing functions and can be extended using the autoshop_extend_gateway_id_types filter.


// =============================================
// Core Payment Method Client Wrapper functions
// =============================================

 * returns a list of Gqteway id types for Woo Token Table Supported types.
 * Can be extended using {@see autoshop_extend_gateway_id_types}
 * @return array of gateway_ids to QPilot Method Types.
function autoship_standard_gateway_id_types(){

  return apply_filters( 'autoshop_extend_gateway_id_types', array(
    'trustcommerce'                       => 'TrustCommerce',
    'stripe'                              => 'Stripe',
    'cybersource'                         => 'CyberSource',
    'nmi_gateway_woocommerce_credit_card' => 'Nmi',
    'sagepaymentsusaapi'                  => 'PayaV1',
  ) );