(product > schedule-options-variable.php)

Takes the WC product id and returns the wrapper html for variable product Schedule Options template. 

* Retrieves the HTML for the Autoship and Save Variation extended text
* @param int    $product_id.      The wc product or variation id.
function autoship_checkout_recurring_variable_discount_string( $product_id ){

  $product = wc_get_product( $product_id );

  $strings['autoship_save_string'] = sprintf( '<span class="autoship-save">%s</span>',
  apply_filters( 'autoship_radio_label', __( 'Autoship and Save', 'autoship' ),
  'yes', true, $product ) );
  $strings['autoship_string'] = sprintf( '<span class="autoship">%s</span>',
  apply_filters( 'autoship_radio_label', __( 'Autoship', 'autoship' ),
  'yes', false, $product ) );


  <span class="autoship-discount-label">
      <span class="autoship-save"><?php echo $strings['autoship_save_string']; ?></span>
      <span class="autoship-custom-percent-discount-str"></span>:
      <span class="autoship-checkout-price"></span>
  <span class="autoship-no-discount-label">
      <span class="autoship"><?php echo $strings['autoship_string']; ?></span>

  return apply_filters( 'autoship_checkout_recurring_variable_discount_string_html', ob_get_clean(), $product, $strings );


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