Lock Window for Scheduled Orders

What is the Lock Window?  

Some merchants may need to prevent changes to Scheduled Orders that are approaching their next occurrence date and are about to process.  

  • For example, some meal delivery and supply businesses need 1 or 2 days to fulfill or prepare an order before it actually ships out to the customer.

Autoship Cloud's hosted service, QPilot, offers an optional feature for these types of merchants called "Lock Window".  The setting can be found in your connected QPilot Site's Edit Site > Options (tab) >> Update Scheduled Orders: Lock Window

  • The Lock Window is the number of days prior to a Scheduled Order's next occurrence date (the day when it will process) that the Customer can no longer make changes to their Scheduled Order.   
  • The number of days for the Lock Window is known as its Lock Duration.  When the Lock Duration (for example "1") is set, customers will not be able to make changes (1) day before their Scheduled Order's next occurrence date.

Note: The Lock Window setting is optional and empty by default for your connected QPilot Site.  You can add a Lock Duration to your connected QPilot Site's Lock by logging into your QPilot Merchant Account.

How To Set Up a Lock Window 

  1. Set your lock window in QPilot Merchant Center >  Edit Site > Options (tab) >> Update Scheduled Orders: Lock Window. 
  2. Important: If you are using a Lock Window, then you must enable the Lock Notification Email, this will notify customers how long they have to make changes to their Scheduled Order (well before it is Locked).
    1. This is one of the Customer Email Notifications that is enabled in every connected QPilot Site that uses a Lock Window.  Once enabled, your customers will be automatically notified how many days they have to make changes to their upcoming Scheduled Order well before it enters the Lock Window.
    2. You can learn more about editing this email template here: Customer Email Notifications.
  3. You can set this lock window email notification in QPilot Merchant Center > Site Dashboard >> Customer Notifications. 

What happens when a Scheduled Order is "Locked"?

For the Customer:

When a Scheduled Order is "Locked" customers cannot make changes to their Scheduled Order until it has completed processing.  Customers can still view their Scheduled Order, but if the next occurrence date is within the Lock window, then the customer will see 2 things:

  1. Their Scheduled Order will be displayed with a 'lock' icon and message that says "Your Scheduled Order has started processing on {date the lock window began}. Only the Payment Method can be changed on this order."  
  2. They are unable to make any changes until the Scheduled Order has been processed.

  3. Once a "Locked" Scheduled Order has completed processing, the customer can once again make changes to it.

For the Merchant (WordPress Administrators):

Merchants can still make changes to a "Locked" Scheduled Order by Editing the Scheduled Order. For example, you may need to support a customer with a quick item change, or who wants to update their payment method if their Scheduled Order failed when it attempted to complete processing.

What if a Scheduled Order that was Locked fails to process?

If the Scheduled Order fails to process after being locked, the Scheduled Order will have a "Failed" status (displaying as "Paused" to your customer).

 When the Scheduled Order is paused, the customer can make changes to the Scheduled Order, but the Scheduled Order cannot be resumed within the Lock window. Instead, the Scheduled Order will process on the next date outside of the Lock window.

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