Notifications for administrators

Email notifications are sent to merchants in order to help manage Scheduled Orders. 

Notifications are sent from the email address
These notifications are sent to the email address(es) that are listed in the Site settings for your connected site:

Failed Scheduled Order Notifications

These notifications are sent after a Scheduled Order has failed to process and contain helpful details and suggestions for managing each failed Scheduled Order.

Reasons for Failed Scheduled Order Notifications include:

  • Product availability
  • Stock status
  • Payment decline or failure

Will Not Process

This notification is sent in the case that (optional) 10-Day, 2-Day and 1-day email notifications are enabled for the site and there are no items available to the Scheduled Order to process.

Reasons for Will Not Process notifications include:

  • Product availability: no products are enabled to process for the upcoming Scheduled Order
  • Stock status: no products are in stock for the upcoming Scheduled Order