Scheduled Order Processing Time

By default QPilot sets sites to a UTC 0 or GMT timezone. When no start time is defined, Scheduled Orders will process relative to the time they were last updated.

Administrators can set order processing to a specific time for their connected WooCommerce store that is localized to the time zone of their choosing.

Remember, when a merchant sets their timezone and Order Processing Start time, this will be localized to the merchants timezone. If a merchant does international business, it may be a good idea to inform customers of when their orders will start processing.

This setting is made by the administrator who has a login to the QPilot Online Merchant Account at

How to Localize Site Time Zone and Set Order Processing Start Time

  1. First, login to your QPilot Online Merchant Account
  2. Locate your connected WooCommerce store on the Sites page
  3. Click the "menu" for your Site (the 3 dots on the upper right hand corner of each Site card)
  4. Select "edit" and select the "options" tab.
  5. Scroll down and locate the "Timezone" select dropdown to select/change your Timezone
  6. Click "Order Processing Start Time" and select the time of day that you would like QPilot to start processing Scheduled Orders each day.
  •   Note: QPilot searches for Scheduled Orders to process every 10 minutes

Scheduled Order Offset Processing

You may want to process the Scheduled Order in advance of the Scheduled Order's Next Occurrence Date. This can be to fix any problems with failed Scheduled Order processing before it's due, to expedite shipping, etc. In your QPilot Merchant Center you would set this by editing your site, then under "Options" you can select the amount of days you want your Scheduled Order to process in advance of its "due" (Next Occurrence) date. For example: if you set Offset Processing to 3, the Scheduled Order will process at the Processing Start Time, 3 days prior to its Next Occurrence Date.

offset processing options

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