autoship_scheduled_order_form_item_add_select_default (filter)

( templates/scheduled-orders/order-items-form.php) Used to update the default label for the 'Add a Product' dropdown menu. It takes the 'Add a Product' string as its parameter.


echo apply_filters( 'autoship_scheduled_order_form_item_add_select_default', esc_html( 'Add a Product' ) );


In the example below, see how the label for 'Add a Product' menu default has been updated by the merchant to say 'Add Items to Enhance your Scheduled Order!' using the autoship_scheduled_order_form_item_add_select_default filter?

function update_add_a_product_native_menu_label($current_label){
    return 'Add Items to Enhance your Scheduled Order!';
add_filter('autoship_scheduled_order_form_item_add_select_default', 'update_add_a_product_native_menu_label', 10);