autoship_edit_scheduled_order_schedule_form_frequency_label (filter)

( templates/scheduled-orders/order-schedule-form.php) Used to change the name of the 'Schedule' label in the Native UI. It takes the 'Schedule' string as its parameter.


<label class="<?php echo $skin['frequency_label'];?>" for="autoship-frequency-select"><?php echo apply_filters( 'autoship_edit_scheduled_order_schedule_form_frequency_label', __( 'Schedule', 'autoship' ) ); ?></label>


Using the filter, see how the merchant changes the label of the Frequency select label in the Native UI from 'Schedule' to 'Renews Every' in the example below.

function update_schedule_label($label_string){
	return "Renews Every";
add_filter('autoship_edit_scheduled_order_schedule_form_frequency_label', 'update_schedule_label', 10);