PayPal Checkout: How to locate your API keys

If you are adding a payment integration for PayPal Checkout in Autoship Cloud, you can find the needed API username, password, and signature as outlined below. 
Please note that the steps outlined below require the supported PayPal payment plugin is being used on your site. Learn more here: PayPal Checkout (formerly PayPal Express Checkout)
  1. Visit (if you are in testing in sandbox mode, please refer to:
  2. Select to manage API credentials for "NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic)"

    PayPal Checkout - API Credentials

  3. Show the keys as needed and copy them into the matching columns in  Autoship Cloud > Payment Integrations.

    Manually Adding PayPal Keys to Payment Integration

  4. Once the keys have been updated, make sure to select "Update" in Autoship Cloud > Payment Integrations to save your changes. 

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