QPilot Subscription & Billing

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  1. Subscription Plans
  2. Billing
  3. Why Can't I Add Another Site to My QPilot Account

Subscription Plans 

The following are the current Subscription Plans offered by QPilot, the hosted service that powers Autoship Cloud. 

Learn more here! Autoship Cloud Current Plan Offerings


QPilot bills your account based on the amount of Scheduled Orders it hosts (Active, Paused, or Failed Status), so it is important to pick the correct plan for your customer volume. 

If you have any concerns about your account billing please feel reach out to our support team and check out this doc to potentially reduce your monthly charge: Managing Inactive Scheduled Orders

Note: You are not charged for Scheduled Orders in a "Deleted" status on your monthly QPilot subscription.

  • Your account had 500 Active Scheduled Orders, 100 Paused Scheduled Orders, and 50 Failed Scheduled Orders at the end of the last billing cycle. So, you will be charged for 650 Scheduled Orders.
  • Based on your subscription plan, you will pay for your monthly amount, then for 650 (minus your included Scheduled Orders) times your per Scheduled Order charge. 

Special Circumstances

  • What if I deleted Scheduled Orders during the billing cycle? Deleted Scheduled Orders will be included in the billing cycle you deleted them in. They will not be included in billing cycles moving forward. 
  • What If I changed my subscription plan during the billing cycle? Because your rate per Scheduled Order changed, the system automatically averages the two charges (only for your per Scheduled Order rate). You will be charged for your new monthly subscription.
  • What if I create Scheduled Orders for testing only?  If you are testing Scheduled Orders that you plan on deleting, we recommend keeping a record of them. When you complete testing, you can delete those Scheduled Orders to avoid being charged for testing.
  • Am I charged for Scheduled Orders on a testing site?  Yes, all hosted Scheduled Orders are charged without regard to your site environment. This is because we allow you to easily manage your site environment in the QPilot Merchant Center > Site Options.

Why Can't I Add Another Site to My QPilot Account?

Your subscription plan determines how many production sites you can have in your QPilot Account. For example, if you have a growth plan, you can only connect one production site. However, you can connect up to 5 with the Marketer Plan.

You can still connect additional sites, however, QPilot will enforce a test environment. Sites set to a test environment do not count towards your maximum site limit. 

Learn more here: How to Connect a New Site to QPilot

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