Are Autoship Customers required to create an account in WooCommerce?


In order to complete an Autoship Checkout (when a WooCommerce Order Contains one or more products scheduled for Autoship) and create Autoship/Recurring Orders (new Orders in WooCommerce that result from a Scheduled Order being processed) in WooCommerce, your customer must create or already have an account with your WooCommerce site. 

What is the customer's account used for?

  1. Saving important customer information that your customers can only manage in My Account including:
    1. Saved Payment Method(s)
    2. Saved Addresses
    3. Viewing and Managing upcoming Scheduled Orders (in My Account > Scheduled Orders)
  2. Customer ID
    1. Customer ID's are used when processing a Scheduled Order (to create a new Autoship Order in WooCommerce)
    2. If a customer does not create an account on your site, then they won't have a Customer ID and recurring Autoship Orders cannot be created successfully for them.

Common WooCommerce issue: "You must be logged in to Checkout"

After installing Autoship Cloud, my site visitors are seeing a message "You must be logged in to Checkout" only when a product scheduled for Autoship is in the cart.

If your new customers (not yet registered or not yet logged in) are getting stuck and are receiving the message "You must be logged in to Checkout", you should ensure that your WooCommerce Settings are updated to allow customers to create an account or sign-in at checkout.

You can edit these settings here: WP Admin > WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts & Privacy (tab).

Pro Tip! You can still enable settings for "Guest Checkout" in WooCommerce.  
The Autoship Cloud plugin will enforce account creation only when 1 or more products in the cart are scheduled for Autoship.

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