Backordered Products and Scheduled Orders

If you have enabled "Allow Backorders" on products in WooCommerce, and they have been enabled to process with Scheduled Orders, these products will appear as "In Stock" in Autoship Cloud (WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Products) and process with Scheduled Orders. 

You can review the product's Autoship Settings to ensure backordered Products are able to process with Scheduled Orders.

See Enabling Products for Autoship for more details on product settings used for Autoship. 

Autoship Cloud Product Settings: Enabling Products to Process with Scheduled Orders

In order for products in Scheduled Orders to process, they must be available to "Process Scheduled Order". This allows the product to process with the Scheduled Order even if the product is backordered (if this setting is enabled). 

  • Add to Scheduled Order: Allows customers to add the product to a Scheduled Order
  • Process Scheduled Order: Set product's availability so it can be processed with a Scheduled Order
  • QPilot Availability
  • Enable Schedule Options: Displays Autoship options for products on WooCommerce Product Page.
  • Autoship Options Display Toggle

Result: Autoship Order in WooCommerce when Backorders Are Enabled for Products

When editing an Autoship Order in WooCommerce ( WP-Admin > WooCommerce > Orders), you can review how the Autoship Order is created and appears when backorders are allowed for WooCommerce Products: stock level is decreased, as expected, resulting in negative stock.

WC Order backordered product

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