How do I Manage Invalid / Corrupted Products with QPilot

It is not uncommon to have corrupted products for a number of reasons. Often this is caused by setting a simple product to a variable one by mistake. You may not see corrupted products but they still exist in your database. If you were to run a Bulk Product Sync in Autoship Cloud > Migrations, QPilot retrieves and tries to sync these products from your database. These products may show up as invalid products. 

An easy way to check if a product is currently in your store will be comparing the External Id in QPilot against the products WooCommerce Product Id

We see the valid product is the only product in the store with that Product Id, all other products (in QPilot) with the same name can now be deleted from QPilot. 

That's it! These products will still remain in your database, but will be deleted by QPilot, preventing accidentally adding a corrupted / invalid product to a Scheduled Order.

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