Square Payments

Required for this integration:

Supported Plugin Features

  • Tokenization - This gateway tokenizes payment methods in a way that allows Autoship Cloud's hosted service, QPilot to create and pay for recurring orders automatically.  In Square, this can be found in the merchant dashboard.

Setting up Square for WooCommerce

If you're setting up the Square for WooCommerce for the first time, you can find detailed documentation from WooCommerce here.

Once you have installed and activated the Square for WooCommerce plugin, you will need to connect your WooCommerce store to Square, before you can use Square to process payments with Autoship Cloud. 

To do this, navigate (in your WP Admin) to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Square (either at the top of the page where all the plugins are listed as text, or at the bottom where the enabled/disabled gateways are displayed). 

Once there, you will need to ensure that tokenization is enabled by choosing the setting "Allow customers to securely save their payment details for future checkout," then selecting "Save changes".

square wc setup1

After that, you will need to link your Square App to your WooCommerce store by going to the new tab created in WP-Admin > WooCommerce > Settings and selecting your business location from your Square account. 

This can be found on your Square account under the "Locations" menu. 

square locations screen

Once your business name has been selected, click "Save changes", and complete a checkout from your store to ensure that your WooCommerce checkout is working as expected.

NOTE: Currently the plugin does not have a Sandbox / Test mode. To test payments you will need to use a live credit card and refund the order (WooCommerce > Orders) after testing orders with the plugin. 

After completing an order you will be able to see the Customer and Transaction in your Square Merchant Account.



Setting up Square Payments with Autoship Cloud

Once you have ensured that your Square account can successfully process and save payments with WooCommerce Checkout, you'll need to add Square as payment integration for Autoship Cloud.

To do this, navigate in your WP Admin to Autoship Cloud > Payment Integrations.
Once there, select the blue circle (with the "+" icon) to create a new payment integration. 

You should see the following screen:

Select "Square" and enter your "Access Token" (from Square "Credentials" menu) and "Location ID" (from Square "Locations" menu).

Access Token:

Location ID:

When you're done, toggle off "Test Mode" and select "CREATE".

You should now see a new payment integration in your Payment Integrations list (WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Payment Integrations).

You are now ready to test  Checkout and Scheduled Orders with Autoship Cloud.

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