How do I replace a product on existing Scheduled Orders?

There may be a case where you need to replace a product that is already included on Scheduled Orders for your customer(s).  

These types of cases may include:

  • a product being discontinued
  • a product becoming invalid
  • a simple product being converted into a variation

Merchants can edit and make changes to a Scheduled Order at any time, and in the steps below, we'll cover how to identify which Scheduled Order(s) contain a specific product and how to replace that product by editing a Scheduled Order.

Step 1: Find Scheduled Orders that contain the product to be replaced

Within your Wordpress Admin, visit WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Reports and locate the Scheduled Orders by Product report.

Within the report, search for the name of the product by selecting the Search field and selecting (or typing to search and then selecting) the product.

This search will return all Scheduled Orders for the product searched along with the following columns:

  • Id: the Scheduled Order ID (searchable within the Scheduled Orders report)
  • First Name: Customer First Name
  • Last Name: Customer Last Name
  • Email: Customer Email
  • Quantity: the quantity of the product within the Scheduled Order
  • Next Occurrence: the date that the Scheduled Order will be processed (if Active status) or the date that the Scheduled Order would have processed (if Active status)
  • Status: the status of the Scheduled Order (Active, Paused, Failed, Deleted)

Step 2: Edit the Scheduled Order to replace the product

Using the Scheduled Order ID or customer email from the Scheduled Orders by Product Report, you can search for the Scheduled Order within the Scheduled Orders report ( WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Scheduled Orders)

In the example screen capture (below), the merchant searches the Scheduled Order ID and edits the Scheduled Order containing the product they want to replace by adding the "new" product and then removing the "old" product before confirming the change by selecting "Update".For more information on how to edit Scheduled Orders see Editing Scheduled Orders.

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